Our Itineraries

Near the family hotel-restaurant Marconi you will find many interesting sites, reflecting the charm of the Rhodope Mountains. Different in nature and unique in themselves, these creations of nature carry the breath of antiquity.

The virtuosos of the forest

Visit Hotel Marconi, feel the comfort of home and listen to the songs of Orpheus performed by the spectacular virtuosos of the forest.

Come visit us! Spend your vacation in a unique way! Have fun with your family and friends!

Route plan


Day 1. Architectural reserve - village. The town of Shiroka Lacka.


Day 2. The village of Yagodina with the Buinovsko Gorge and the Yagodina Cave and Trigradsko Gorge with the Devil's Throat Cave.


Day 3. City. Smolyan - Ethnographic Museum, Planetarium, walk around the city center.


Day 4. Rock Phenomenon - The Miraculous Bridges.


Day 5. Smolyan Lakes and Orpheus Rock.


Day 6. Gela village and Lednitsa cave.


Day 7. The Rozen Observatory and many others.